1 - Register an Account

Create a FUTExchange Account, enter all your Details, and then visit the Affiliate Account separator.

2 - Copy/Paste your Referral Link

Your Affiliate Link is already generated for you inside your Affiliate Account.

The only thing you need to do is copy it, shorten it with a shortener service like http://Goo.gl and paste it on Sources of Visitors.

3 - Start Promoting and Making 50% Commission!

You can paste your Affiliate Referral Link on Forums or in the comments section of the Blogs and Videos so your friends or other users can join. (this is just a suggestion)

If any customer that you send us, purchases any coin auction you will get credited with the sale and be paid 50% of all fees. You will also make money FOREVER for every purchase this user may make in the future.



Pick the Right Banner for your PPC Campaign.

If you need any other sizes, feel free to contact us and we'll try to provide them.

You can download the FULL Banner Pack above (including STATIC banners) or get the code below.

Animated 728 x 90

Animated 468 x 60

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